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Antiagua Guatemala Coffee Beans, fresh roasted coffee, medium roast coffee, online coffee shop
Antiagua Guatemala Coffee Beans, fresh roasted coffee, medium roast coffee, online coffee shop

Antigua Guatemala Coffee Beans

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There is something special about our Antigua Guatemala Coffee, and it all has to do with how and where its beans are grown. 

Antigua is one of Guatemala’s best-known coffee-growing regions! This prime location provides ideal soil and climate conditions for coffee plants to thrive. Sunny days, low humidity, and cool nights are the perfect equation for the growth of delicious coffee.     

Coffee from Antigua is grown in a highly elevated valley surrounded by three volcanic mountains. The soil in this location is nourished by the volcanoes and provides rich minerals and nutrients to the coffee plant, ultimately providing outstanding, rich flavors to each coffee bean.

Grown at altitudes ranging from 2300 and 5600 feet, our Antigua Guatemala coffee has a high acidity. This acidity and high altitude create lots of flavor and a full body. 

Experience a fruity flavor and some nutty and smoky undertones. End the sip with a clean, crisp finish. One sip will send your taste buds traveling. 

We recommend brewing our Antigua Guatemala Coffee using the drip method or as a cold brew. 

Trust us; you’re going to love it! 

Where Does Antigua Coffee Come From?

Antigua coffee is a single origin coffee that comes from a special region in Antigua, Guatemala, located in Central America. 

Why Is Antiguan Coffee Different?

Antiguan coffee is different because of the region it is grown in. There is a valley in Antigua surrounded by three volcanoes; Antigua coffee is grown in this valley. These surrounding volcanoes create a mineral and nutrient-rich soil that is exceptional for coffee bean growth. 

This nutrient and mineral-dense soil also contributes to the coffee bean’s rich flavor. 

Despite the area being called a valley, this region reaches 4,600 and 5,600 feet above sea level with cooler temperatures and heavy rainfall, creating optimal conditions for coffee bean plants. 

Antiguan coffee is also different in its taste and flavor profile in comparison to other Central American Countries. The location lends itself to a brighter and higher acidity without compromising a full body. This light and heavy combination leaves you with a refreshing and satisfying roast. 

Is Antigua Real Coffee?

Yes, the coffee beans that come from Antigua, Guatemala, are real coffee beans with their own unique and complex flavor notes. 

Is Antigua Coffee Good?

Antigua coffee is not just good; it’s phenomenal! 

The nutty and smoky undertones pair with its full and rich body, while its touches of fruity flavor as a medium roast brings a refreshing quality that you’ll crave! 

Plus, as a single-origin coffee, its pure flavors shine through authentically without being mixed from beans anywhere else. This ensures a delectable cuppa with flavors only achievable from Antigua, Guatemala. 

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