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Our Story

We'll be frank…we weren't raised on coffee farms or roasting coffee beans with our parents or grandparents. Instead, we're a bunch of java-loving diehards with many different paths that lead us to create...

Good Cuppa Coffee

As years passed and careers shifted, our team individually found themselves exploring the world of coffee in many places and in many ways. 

Whether it was making a variety of coffee recipes, exploring the world of different brewing equipment, to roasting green coffee beans in a backyard in Central America with a grill, colander, and a mini fan (bet that one's a sight to envision!), one thing was for sure- coffee has always been, and always will be, a staple in each of our lives.

Therefore, it wasn't long before we worked together as a team in a behind-the-scenes look into the coffee industry. 

Once we embarked on that exciting journey, the captivating realm of coffee took our appreciation and knowledge of a beverage we each loved to the next level. 

We began exploring the world of coffee with some seriously talented coffee roasters. And learned about coffee beans, flavor profiles, and the roasting process - and we fell in love with every step of it!

However, we also uncovered the extraordinary diversity of opinions and preferences.

Coffee Is An Incredibly Personal Beverage

There isn't a one size fits all roast, and just like we don't like squeezing into a pair of pants that are too tight, we don't want any of our customers being molded into a one size fits all coffee roast and brew method. 

There are so many different variables that go into brewing and consuming the perfect cup of coffee—level of roast, grind size, brewing equipment, water temperature, the ratio of coffee to water, etc.—so it's easy to see how it can become very individualized and such a personal experience. 

With the perfect roast, a meticulous brew, and unique after-brewing additions, you have complete control over the quality of your cuppa and how different tastes intermingle together to tantalize your taste buds with every sip. 

The problem arises that without a barista creating your signature coffee, how would you learn to craft your own amazing cup of Joe? 

Coffee Education

We believe in educating people about all things coffee, from the bean's origins to how to make the perfect cup in the comfort of their homes.

We provide the quality coffee with a taste you can trust (and quite a few options to suit everyone's palate!), but we can't leave you with just that. 

A Good Cuppa Coffee is more than just a good roast; it is knowing how to brew and which roast is right for you. 

At our blog, we want to help everyone become their own barista and make every cup of coffee an unforgettable experience! We are here to guide you on your journey of perfecting brewing techniques and teach you how to create a personalized caffeine routine. 

Whether you're a fan of bold and black, lighter and smooth, or a newbie to the coffee world, let us help you discover what makes your morning cuppa unique and create your Good Cuppa Coffee.

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