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fresh roast coffee beans online, freshly roasted dark roast coffee beans, full body coffee
fresh roast coffee beans online, freshly roasted dark roast coffee beans, full body coffee

French Roast Coffee Beans

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What coffee lovers, creators, and shop owners would we be if we didn’t carry a classic French Roast in our coffee arsenal? 

But let’s get things straight- this is no ordinary french roast. Good Cuppa’s classic French Roast is sweet, nutty, smokey, and boasts lots of chocolate flavors. Savor each phenomenal sip as your taste buds get an experience they didn’t know they were craving. 

Our French Roast has a rich, full body, making its texture heavenly, and its moderate to low acidity provides smoothness and ease on your stomach. 

Brew this french roast with your go-to drip coffee machine. And to all our espresso fanatics, don’t be apprehensive about brewing our french roast with your espresso machine. Our french roast is a prime roast to use as espresso and will leave you with a heavy and thick crema- just how we like it! 

This roast is bittersweet, smokey, and intense- exactly how a proper French Roast should be! 

Jump on our French Roast bandwagon and find out for yourselves why this is a top-tier roast! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jess le
New favorite

Such a rich taste! Not too strong, my new favorite coffee to start my mornings with!


Great coffee, very smooth!

Johnny F.
It's My Go-To Coffee For Americanos and Pour Overs

This is my new favorite roast due to its full favor, smooth and non-bitter flavor. Prior to this brand I was purchasing Starbucks French Roast for over ten years.

Full of flavor, smooth and not bitter!

I can't believe it...I have found the one and no longer crave to splurge on coffee at overpriced cafes.